Vander Woude For Idaho

- endorsements -

I'm proud to have received the endorsement of the following organizations and individuals:


· Congressman Russ Fulcher

· Idaho Association of Chiropractic Physicians

· Idaho Association of Commerce & Industry Prosperity Fund

· Idaho Association of Nurse Anesthetists

· Idaho Dairy Industry


· Kent Goldthorpe, ACHD Commissioner

· Meridian Firefighters

· Professional Fire Fighters Of Idaho (PFFI)

· Rep. Barbara Erhart 

· Rep. Fred Wood, Chair- Health and Welfare

· Rep. James Holtzclaw, Chair- Commerce and Human Resources

· Rep. Jason Monks, House Assistant Majority Leader

· Rep. Joe Palmer, Chair- Transportation & Defense

· Rep. Judy Boyle

· Rep. Megan Blanksma, House Republican Caucus Chair

· Rep. Mike Moyle, House Majority Leader

· Senator Lori Den Hartog

· Speaker Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House